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PSORTdb (part of the psort family) is a database of protein subcellular localizations for bacteria and archaea that contains both information determined through laboratory experimentation (ePSORTdb dataset) and computational predictions (cPSORTdb dataset).

This new version of PSORTdb contains a wide range of general website improvements, including an expanded search page, modernized UI and new data visualizations. It also addresses the retirement of NCBI RefSeq GI numbers as unique identifiers of proteins - now PSORTdb uses a combination of RefSeq genome/replicon accession, RefSeq protein accession and genome location to uniquely identify a protein. New protein additions include millions of new cPSORTdb entries, and thousands of new ePSORTdb entries. Most notably, we have added many ePSORTdb proteins which have a new secondary localization of 'Outer Membrane Vesicle' (OMV). View a schematic for the OMV localization along with figures depicting other bacterial cell envelopes. While we encourage visitors to use this new PSORTdb 4.0 site, the old PSORTdb 3.0 site is still accessible at db3.psort.org.

cPSORTdb: Precomputed Genomes/Proteomes

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ePSORTdb: Experimentally derived localizations

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If you use PSORTdb in your research, we would greatly appreciate if you cited the following publication:

Lau WY, Hoad GR, Jin V, Winsor GL, Madyan A, Gray KL, Laird MR, Lo R, Brinkman FS. (2021) PSORTdb 4.0: expanded and redesigned bacterial and archaeal protein subcellular localization database incorporating new secondary localizations. Nucleic Acids Research. 49(D1):D803-8.

Previous publications:

Peabody MA, Laird MR, Vlasschaert C, Lo R, Brinkman FS. (2016) PSORTdb: expanding the bacteria and archaea protein subcellular localization database to better reflect diversity in cell envelope structures. Nucleic Acids Research. 44(D1):D663-8.

Yu, N.Y., Laird, M.R., Spencer, C, and Brinkman, F.S.L. (2011) PSORTdb--an expanded, auto-updated, user-friendly protein subcellular localization database for Bacteria and Archaea. Nucleic Acids Research. 39:D241-244 (Database issue).

Rey, S., M. Acab, J.L. Gardy, M.R. Laird, K. deFays, C. Lambert, and F.S.L. Brinkman (2005). PSORTdb: A Database of Subcellular Localizations for Bacteria. Nucleic Acids Research. 33:D164-168 (Database issue).


Looking for the old PSORTdb website? The PSORTdb 3.0 archive is located at db3.psort.org.

You can also find out more about PSORTb and its related family of programs on the PSORT website.

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