PSORTdb 4.0 released

October 05, 2019

PSORTdb 4.0 released. This new version has a wide range of general website updates, including improved data display, an expanded search page, modernized UI, and is now hosted on new Amazon Web Services infrastructure. It addresses the retirement of NCBI RefSeq GI numbers as unique identifiers of proteins - RefSeq is the source of PSORTdb's computationally predicted protein subcellular localization prediction data. Now PSORTdb uses a combination of RefSeq genome/replicon accession, RefSeq protein accession and genome location to uniquely identify a protein. The cPSORTdb database of computational predictions now contains predictions made from proteins found in RefSeq in May 2019. New protein additions include millions of new cPSORTdb entries, and thousands of new ePSORTdb entries. Most notably, we have added many ePSORTdb proteins which have a new secondary localization of 'Outer Membrane Vesicle' (OMV). OMVs are known to have functions in transferring antibiotic resistance, cell communication, survival and virulence, making these entries valuable to researchers studying these areas. For this update, we have submitted a PSORTdb 4.0 update paper to NAR journal (publication pending).

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